The Big Acorn Race

A Squirrel Picnic Story with Crochet Patterns and Projects

Welcome to Squirrel Picnic

Hodge gives Podge a giftSquirrel Picnic is a fun and fanciful place out in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Here, high up in a pine tree, live two little squirrels named Hodge and Podge (Podge has a pink flower in her hair).

Hodge is a rough and tumble kind of squirrel, a real cowboy (er, cowsquirrel?). He doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty and he’ll do whatever needed to get the job done. And while Hodge is very handy with fixing and building things, he also enjoys knitting and crocheting and making presents for his girlfriend Podge.

Podge is very sweet. She also likes to make presents for her friends and help them out in any way she can. She’s thoughtful and caring and the cutest little squirrel you will ever meet. And even though Eric has a crush on her, she is totally devoted to Hodge.

Eric is a bioengineer. He came to Colorado from America’s East Coast to engineer the biggest acorn in the world (he’s still working out the details). He can always be found in his laboratory – he doesn’t really have time for parties. He’s so busy in fact that he created a robot named MEAP to help him out. MEAP prefers to spend his time with the squirrels, though, and Eric always has to come and find him and take him back to the lab. Eric is very serious and driven and doesn’t always get along with the other residents, but they still invite him to all their parties, hoping that someday he will let loose and have a good time.

And then there are the fatimals, a group of roly-poly party animals. Mayor Snack Frog is their self-proclaimed leader. He loves to travel and make new friends around the world. Sometimes these intrepid friends come to visit him and bring him elaborate gifts from their homelands.

Everyone at Squirrel Picnic enjoys crafting (especially crochet), playing games, and throwing fantastic parties! In fact, Mayor Snack Frog’s New Year’s Eve party is the biggest event of the year.

In case you haven’t gathered, the residents of Squirrel Picnic are always looking for fun. When they’re not off on an adventure, you can find them hanging around the picnic table – sharing jokes and stories and teaching each other new crochet tricks. We hope you will join the fun at We look forward to seeing you there!